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Courtside Culture

How To Build Team Culture In Sports


Episode 29

Published on:

28th Feb, 2022

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18th Nov, 2021

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12th Oct, 2021

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Courtside Culture
How to Cultivate a Great Team Culture and Win at the Same Time
Host Dave Grendzynski is a firm believer in positive psychology, especially when it comes to building a high school basketball program. When coaches provide a positive pathway for their players and parents, they’ll start building a good team culture and the wins will take care of themselves.

On the “Courtside Culture Podcast,” we’ll talk to coaches, psychologists, authors, and players about how the right mindset causes everything else to fall into place—especially in high school. The psyche of 15-, 16-, and 17-year-old kids are very fragile and the approach a coach takes means everything.

If you’re a coach and you can learn to focus on positive emotions and building your players’ strengths, instead of repairing their weaknesses, you’ll find a role for everyone, win games, and build a good team culture at the same time.

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Dave Grendzynski

Dave Grendzynski is a former Division III college baseball player turned youth basketball and baseball coach. He has coached on many different levels including CYO, AAU, Hot Stove, and Travel Baseball. His philosophy is to celebrate the wins and learn from the losses. There is always a silver lining. He combines his on the field experience with more than 20 years of television and radio experience. A 3-time Emmy Award winner, Dave believes cultivating a good team culture goes a long way to driving success in the studio, on the field, or on the court.